The expiration of an auto registration, auto tag, occurs every year on the same date. When this happens, one might be tempted to drive for a few days with an expired tag. This is not a good idea. Driving with an expired tag is risky business. You can be stopped by a law-enforcement officer and given a citation for expired tag. Driving a vehicle that is unlicensed on a Georgia road is a misdemeanor charge. You may be arrested and your vehicle may be impounded.
If your vehicle is impounded it will be searched and its contents will be inventoried. If you have any illegal or contraband materials in your car and they are found during the search, you will be charge with additional criminal charges.

It makes sense to have your vehicle's registration renewed during the proper period. If the registration date is missed, it is unwise to drive your vehicle until the new registration sticker is displayed on your license plate.

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