Resources dedicated to traffic violations, DUIs, misdemeanors, felonies and probation violations in GA. View this page for useful information and websites. 

Traffic Tickets


  • Georgia Department of Driver Services

    This website provides information on driving while intoxicated, including DUI schools and multiple offender programs. Visit this site to learn about the driving rules and regulations in Georgia.

Drug Charges

  • Georgia Misdemeanor Guide

    This resource defines the different types of Georgia misdemeanors, including associated penalties and guidelines. This website also includes the process for the expungement of criminal records.


    This site is dedicated to various agencies within Georgia, including the judicial branch. This website provides information on Georgia’s basic court system, including the state courts of the counties that hear misdemeanor cases.


  • Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia

    This website offers information on the Superior Court system in Georgia, which has authority over felony cases. This website also provides helpful information on the rules of the court.

Probation Violations

  • Georgia Department of Corrections

    This website is dedicated to the Georgia probation system and provides in-depth information on court-mandated programs, probation facilities, community service and reporting centers. The site also contains information on field operations and court services.