School is still in session, look for a stopped school bus.

Every year in Georgia children are killed getting on or off the school bus.

Georgia code 40– 6–163, requires all drivers to stop their vehicles, in both directions, when a school bus is encountered displaying amber lights, flashing red lights, and the stop sign arm extended. 

A violation of 40 –6–163 can be reported by the school bus driver or it may be recorded on the bus video recording devices.

Frequently law enforcement officers observe this violation in school zones.

The penalty for being found guilty can be a fine of $300-$1000. Six points can be added to the driving record of the person convicted.

Always drive with caution in school zone areas. If driving during the 8 AM to 9 AM hour, look for school buses in local neighborhoods. Save a life, look twice, school children are everywhere. 

At the law office of traffic ticket defense Attorney Scott Miller, we receive numerous calls each day about school bus violations. 
I am happy to report that we get the vast majority of these school zone tickets dismissed. 

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