Usually your license gets suspended because you have violated a traffic law. You could have been arrested for a DUI, failed to pay a parking ticket, let your insurance lapse, or you could have been convicted of a drug offense. Whatever led to a license suspension, the question now is about your conviction.


Typically, you will be served with notice of suspension at the time of conviction of your traffic violation in Georgia. There are other times when your suspension starts and you will not receive notice. This is usually because you did not appear in traffic court, or your insurance lapsed. In these instances your license could be suspended and you may not be aware of it. If this happens, you may want to seek the advice of legal counsel on how to lift the suspension.


If you have been convicted of a traffic violation that resulted in your license being suspended in Fulton County you should contact a skilled attorney for legal advice. Scott Miller is an experienced defense attorney in Alpharetta who will fight for your rights. Having your license suspended is difficult. Things you do on a daily basis may become difficult, like driving to work, buying groceries, meetings friends for dinner, taking your children places.


Let Scott Miller help you from losing your license. Contact the Law Office of Scott Miller at 770-408-1001 to see what he can do to help you with your license suspension case in Georgia.

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