If you have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation, it is important that you follow the terms of your probation order very closely. Georgia courts do not look too kindly on individuals who were given the opportunity to have their freedom and return to a normal life only to fail to follow through on the terms of the court mandated order.

While you will almost always face jail time if you have violated your probation, there are other consequences a judge may impose. If you are issued a warrant for a probation violation in northern Georgia, call an Alpharetta probation violation lawyer, as you will not be entitled to court appointed representation and you will need an experienced attorney to defend your rights at a probation revocation hearing.
While you can expect to go to jail as a consequence of violating your probation, this is not a requirement. The judge may instead order you to:

  • Continue with your probation order
  • Additional community service
  • Diversion center/work release center
  • House arrest
  • Ankle monitor
  • Counseling, including drug and alcohol counseling or anger management counseling
  • Hospitalization for issues such as personality disorders

Generally, you will be incarcerated pending your probation revocation hearing, but the court has the discretion to have you released from custody on a probation bond pending resolution of the probation revocation hearing. A Georgia probation violation lawyer will argue on your behalf for a probation bond.

If you have been charged with a Georgia probation violation, call the Law Office of Scott Miller right away. Even if you are already in jail, contact Attorney Miller at (770) 408-1001. Whether you are facing additional jail time or an alternative consequence, you will need to speak with an experienced Alpharetta probation violation attorney who can discuss the situation with you and defend your rights at the probation revocation hearing.

If you are issued a warrant for an alleged violation of your probation, take this charge seriously and call Attorney Miller. He will fight to minimize the impact of the probation violation.
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