Alpharetta  GA. Attorney Scott miller says "all DUI stops aren't alike."
Are all DUIs alike? They may look alike to an average attorney, however if you are an experienced DUI attorney you can see that they can each have subtle differences.
At the office of Alpharetta DUI defense attorney Scott Miller we use every subtle difference in your case to defend you. This may include the reason for which your vehicle was stopped. Was this stop a legal stop?  What did the officers say to you when he approached your vehicle?  Did he, have the legal right to search your vehicle? What you said to the officer, when he asked you questions. Remember this, you are not required by law to answer any of the officers questions.

If you have questions about the above or if you have received a DUI traffic ticket, contact the DUI defense attorney Scott Miller, in Alpharetta, Georgia for a free consultation. 770-408-1001
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