Alpharetta DUI Attorney Scott Miller Says, don't "drink and drive."
If you have consumed any alcohol before driving, there is a real possibility that, if you are stopped, you could be arrested for DUI.
A law enforcement officer may charge you with impaired driving, even though your blood alcohol level is below .08%.

If you plan to consume alcohol, it is best to have a designated driver who is not drinking do the driving. 
If no it designated driver is available, it's best to take a taxi home. The cost involved in taking a taxi and coming back to pick up your car at a later time, is small when compare with the cost of a DUI.

A DUI on your record may cost you more than money. A DUI could cost you your job or future promotions.

Be safe don't drink and drive!

This plea to drive sober, is brought to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia DUI defense attorney, Scott Miller.
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