If you are stopped for a minor traffic infraction, and the law-enforcement officer has reason to believe that you may have been drinking, he may ask you, 'have you consumed any alcoholic beverages." If you have consumed alcoholic beverages and you admit it, the officer may ask you to perform certain tests. These test may include, field sobriety test, blood test, etc. The results of the tests may lead to your arrest. If you say "no I have not been drinking alcoholic beverages" and you are tested and found to have consumed alcoholic beverages, you can be charged with lying to a law-enforcement officer.

The human body can process 1 ounce of alcohol Per hour. If you have consumed 4 oz of alcohol , it will be four hours until the body has processed and eliminated all 4 ounces.
If your liver has been damaged for some reason, it may take you long longer than one hour to process 1 ounce of alcohol.

It is wise not to consume alcohol on the day that you will be driving a vehicle.  If you've only consumed one glass of wine, or one beer you may still be charged with DUI, driving less safe.

Be safe, be wise, do not drink alcohol and drive a vehicle.

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