Don't be foolish in April, don't violate your probation!
A probated sentence can be given by the court in certain circumstances, to an individual, so that the individual may serve his or her sentence outside of the jail environment.

People who receive a probated sentence, are required to follow the rules of the court that the judge imposes upon this individual.

If an individual breaks these rules, then this is considered a violation of probation.
This particular individual will be arrested and returned to jail.
They will then be required to serve the remainder of the original sentence in jail, and any other additional jail penalty imposed upon them, because they violated their probation.

Probation violation is a serious offense.

A person who has violated their probation, should hire a probation violation attorney to represent them in court.

Don't be foolish in April, don't violate your probation!

If you have questions about probation violation, you may contact the Alpharetta, Georgia probation violation defense attorney, Scott Miller for a free consultation.
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