8:00 AM in Atlanta Municipal Court defending another of my clients against DUI charges. I am confident I will be able to get the charge reduced. This is his first and hopefully his only DUI charge.

My afternoon is filled with phone calls and negotiations with prosecutors on behalf of my clients.
At 8:30 PM, I visit one of my clients in custody at the Cobb County detention Center. This meeting lasts until 10;00 PM. During our meeting, we discussed the steps that are necessary for him to maintain his sobriety, and discontinue his use of drugs. On my drive home, I think about him and I am confident that this young man is a good person, however he has made some poor decisions in the past, that he now regrets.  He has admitted his mistakes, and speaks about the desire to lead a productive life.

My client now seems to be aware of all of the consequences that can happen, when one has been drinking alcoholic beverages and chooses to drive his car. This is a life lesson. If you have been drinking do not drive your car. Call a taxi to take you where you need to go.

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