It seems to be human nature to put off unpleasant tasks until the last moment. Many of my calls are from potential clients who have pending court case in just a few days.
In this scenario, we have lost valuable time in developing a defense for the client that will be successful defending them.

DUI is a serious criminal misdemeanor charge. I recommend that anyone arrested for DUI, should at their first opportunity, make careful notes about the event.
It is best to write down the circumstances of the auto stop, including what the officer questions were, and what responses you gave to the law-enforcement officer. If you performed a field sobriety test, write down what the weather conditions were like. What was the road surface was like?  Was it wet and slippery?
Write down anything that may have impeded your performance during the field sobriety test. List your age, your health conditions, medication that you're taking which may affect your performance. 

With these things done, it will be easier to prepare a successful defense.

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