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Each and every time a law-enforcement officer makes a traffic stop, he or she is looking for signs of impaired driving, DUI.
The police officer, will ask for your drivers license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. After you give them the documents, the officer will try to engage you in conversation so that he or she can smell your breath.  They are also looking for slurred words, glassy eyes, and other signs, that might indicate, you were driving impaired, DUI.
You are not required to answer any of their questions, like where are you going and, where are you come from. You are not required to tell them.  People often feel obligated to give the law-enforcement officer as much information as they can, thinking that it is best be cooperative. Sometimes this information can work against you.

If you have been stopped and arrested for DUI, it is best if you to hire an expert DUI defense attorney.

Alpharetta, Georgia  DUI defense attorney Scott Miller has over 10 years of experience successfully defending clients in the Alpharetta Municipal court.

If you are facing charges of DUI, you may call attorney Scott Miller at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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