Every accident caused by a drunk driver is preventable!
If the driver hadn't been drinking more then likely the accident would not have happened. 
The number of deaths caused by drunk driving increases every year in the USA.

Pease consider using a breathalyzer test before taking the wheel. Breathalyzers are available on line.
A locking device that prevents a car from being started after failing a breathalyzer test is on the market.

Every year thousands of our families and our friends are maimed or killed by drunk drivers.

Do not drink and drive. 
If going to a club or party where alcohol is being served is on your agenda, please have designated driver go with you.
If you are alone remember that it takes one hour for our body to metabolize one hour of alcohol after consumption.
This means that if you have consumed two beers or two wines, it will more than likely be two hours before it is cleared from your system.
If you drive before the alcohol is cleared, you may be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

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