In order to have been declared a habitual violator in Georgia, one must have been convicted of three serious driving violations, within five years of time.
The most common conviction that will cause a habitual violator status is, DUI.  The other charges that can contribute to habitual violator status are, hit-and-run, street racing, using a car to run from law-enforcement officers, and a felony in which a motor vehicle was used.

The drivers license of a habitual violator can be reinstated after five years with the following:
A certificate of completion of an approved DUI drug or alcohol use, risk reduction program.
A certificate of completion of an approved driver improvement course.
Successful completion of all testing required for the class and type of license to be reinstated.
The payment of reinstatement fees imposed.
The surrendering of any previous issued drivers license, including any habitual violator probationary license.

These are complex issues and are best handled by an experienced drivers license defense attorney.

If you have issues pertaining to the reinstatement of a drivers license in Georgia, contact the experienced drivers license defense attorney, Scott Miller in Alpharetta, Georgia, for a free consultation.



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