I was stopped for failure to maintain lane. Then I got a DUI.
I was entering Georgia 400 from Haynes Bridge Road, when I was stopped for failure to maintain lane. The officer then charged me with DUI.

I called attorney Scott Miller in Alpharetta, and he got both of the charges dismissed.
Lynne: Sandy Springs, GA.

When traveling within a lane that has a solid white line, you are not permitted to cross the solid white line, until it becomes a broken white line.

Frequently a DUI charge occurs after a stop for some minor traffic violation.
Often the driver of the vehicle has consumed only one or two drinks of wine or beer.

If in the officers opinion you are driving less safe, in all likelihood you will be charged with DUI, driving last safe.

The failure to maintain lane charge is fairly easy to get dismissed, however a DUI charge requires considerable work and negotiations by an experienced DUI defense attorney to get dismissed. 

If you have been charged with a simple traffic violation or if you have been charged with a DUI, you can gain confidence in your defense by calling the Alpharetta, Georgia DUI defense Attorney Scott Miller for a free consultation.
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