How to plan a proper DUI defense by Alpharetta, GA. attorney Scott Miller.
A successful and experienced DUI defense attorney will develop a set of strategies and protocols to help him win his DUI cases.

(1) If the DUI is the result of an accident, the defense attorney should visit the accident site to get a personal impression of the area.
(2) What were the weather conditions at the time of the accident and the arrest?
(3) What were the weather conditions when the field sobriety test was administered? Was the road slippery when the defendant was asked to walk on it?
(4) Is there a health issue and medications that the defendant is taking' that may impact upon his performance in a field sobriety test?
(5) The results of the field sobriety test, breathalyzer test, and blood test, can be questioned because of the health of the defendant and medications that he or she may be taking.

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