I am in the Atlanta city court representing my client against a probation violation charge. My client was found guilty of a previous charge and placed on probation. This means that my client is able to serve his sentence, while living outside of jail. The court sets strict guidelines that must be followed. Any deviation from these strict guidelines will cause a person to be in violation of probation.

If this happens there are now two issues to be dealt with. 
  The two issues are: the original charge which now must be served within the confines of the jail, and a  second charge which is a new criminal charge, and that is the violation of the probation.  Being found guilty of probation violation will add additional jail time to my clients jail sentence.

I am happy to report that I was able to get the probation violation charge dismissed and my client, can continue to serve the original charge outside of confinement.

This is very significant for my client and his family. He has a job that allows him to work full-time, and he is supporting a family of four.

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