A probation violation discussion with Alpharetta, GA. attorney Scott Miller.

I hear from many potential clients, who have been charged with probation violation.
Frequently the story follows this scenario. I was unable to meet with my probation officer because, I did not have the money. I had planned to meet with him regularly, however I lost my job, and cannot make all of my payments. What should I do?

I do not recommend waiting until, you receive a letter from the court saying that you are in violation of your probation, and a warrant in your name is being issued.

Rather I urge you to take proactive measures and contact your probation officer.  Inform him of your situation.  The probation officer has handled people on probation with every type of hardship. They are trained to help you manage your many issues.  

If you have questions about the above or if you have received a letter stating that you have been charged with probation violation, contact the probation violation defense attorney, Scott Miller in Alpharetta, Georgia for a free consultation. 770-480-1001

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