Things to remember if you are pulled over by the police.

As soon as you see the blue lights in your rear mirror, you should slow down and pull off the road in a place that is safe and well lit.

You should remain in your car.
Turn off the engine and lower the driver window.

Place both hands on the top of the steering wheel, so that the law enforcement officer can easily see them.

If this vehicle stop occurs at nighttime, you should turn on the interior light in your car.

Keep your vehicle registration and your proof of insurance in a convenient location in the car, so that you do not need to fumble around looking for them.

Be polite if the officer asks you a question, and do not argue with him.

Do not voluntarily offer any information.
Listen carefully to what the officer is saying, and follow his or her instructions.

If the officer asks you if you have been drinking alcoholic beverages, and you have, it may be best to keep quiet or to say that you do not remember what you had to drink.

If you are issued a ticket for a traffic violation, do not plead guilty by simply paying the fine. It is always best to have a traffic ticket defense attorney protect your license and driving record.

If you are arrested for DUI you should immediately contact a local DUI defense attorney to defend you.
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