Three ways of fighting your DUI and your DUI field sobriety test.

(1) Record everything that happened at the time your arrest. Record the reason for the vehicle stop. Record any witnesses that were present who could testify in your behalf. Record the light conditions at the time of the stop.  The light conditions may have interfered with the officers ability to see things clearly.

(2) Record everything that you can remember about your field sobriety test. Was the weather clear, or was it raining?  Was the surface that you walked on wet and slippery, so that the slippery surface could have caused you to lose balance?
Most surfaces are either inclined, declined or crowned?  Was the surface that you walked on, either inclined, declined, or crowned, so that the surface could cause you to lose balance?
Did the headlights of passing vehicles prevent you from seeing the ground that you were walking on.

(3) Hire a local expert DUI defense attorney to defend you in court. He should be a someone who has successfully defended many clients in the court room where you will be tried.

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