A DUI arrest is an experience no one wants to have. If you are stopped and arrested for DUI it will be difficult for you to think clearly.   As soon as you can gather yourself and thoughts together, do the following:
(1) write everything down that you remember pertaining to the vehicle stop, field sobriety test, and the arrest, then include the date and the time of day and sign it.
(2) obtain a copy of the arrest report.  It usually include's the officer's name and his or her comments about your vehicle stop. You should be able to get your copy at the police station.
(3) hire a local DUI defense attorney to defend you in court. Ideally this attorney should be someone who has successfully defended DUI clients in this particular court for many years. The DUI defense attorney can use the information that you remember to defend you.

This information is provided to you by the DUI defense attorney Scott Miller, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Attorney Miller has over 10 years of experience in successfully defending clients against the charge of DUI in the Alpharetta Municipal court.

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