Three ways to get your DUI dismissed.
(1) As soon as possible record everything you can remember about your arrest.

( 2) Ask yourself these questions.
    The answers to these questions will help with your defense.
      (A) What was the reason that you were stopped by law-enforcement?
      (B) What was the time of day or night?
      (C) Were there any witnesses to the vehicle stop?
      (D) What was the weather condition at the time of the vehicle stop?
      (E) What was the light condition at the time of the vehicle stop?

(3) Hire a local DUI lawyer to defend you in court.  He must be someone who has a long term established relationship with the court, it's officers and personnel, and someone who has successfully defended DUI clients in that court in the past.

Alpharetta DUI defense attorney Scott Miller has over 10 years of experience in successfully defending clients in the Alpharetta Municipal court against the charge of DUI.

If you're facing charges of DUI in the Alpharetta Municipal Court, contact the expert, DUI defense attorney Scott Miller, at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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