We are open and working remotely to defend you!
Dear good friends, during these dark and trying times of self isolation and social distancing, we at the Law Office Of Scott Miller encourage you to continue with your protective measures and stay safe. 
This too shall pass and the world will return to normal.
Although we are working from home and practicing
social distancing, The Law Office Of Scott Miller is open and working hard to defend you, our clients, against all criminal and traffic charges.
We are working hard with clients who need help with expungement. 
Our economy has taken a big hit, and many people have been laid off.  Most of these people are looking for new jobs.
Looking for a new job with a conviction on your record makes finding a job more difficult.
I’ve been hard at work with a number of clients to get their previous charges expunged so they will have a clean record.
If you are having difficulty finding a job because of previous legal problems, call the Alpharetta, Georgia Criminal Defense attorney Scott Miller at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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