If you are schoolteacher, you are at a higher risk of losing your job after being convicted of DUI in Georgia.

A DUI—or “driving under the influence”—is when you operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, inhalants, or any substance that can impair your judgment. Operating a vehicle can mean just sitting in your vehicle with the engine running or the key in ignition.

No laws in Georgia protect people from job retaliation after a criminal conviction. We know clients who work in less sensitive fields than education who have lost their jobs or who have been unable to find work in their chosen careers after being convicted of drunk driving in Georgia.

Schoolteachers face severe consequences when it comes to a DUI conviction. With just your first offense, you can lose your job and certification.

Since teachers are at such a great risk when it comes to a DUI charge, they should seek the counsel of an attorney immediately. An experienced Alpharetta DUI attorney knows how to get you the best outcome in your DUI defense. A DUI arrest does not mean you are automatically guilty. There are many other things to consider when you are planning your DUI case and the right DUI lawyer will help plan a defense that could help you keep your job as a teacher.

If you or someone you know is a teacher who has been arrested for DUI in northern Georgia, you should call the Law Offices of Scott Miller today at 770-408-1001 so we can start planning your defense.

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