You have decided to go out with friends after work—just to have one beer, right? However, the conversation gets interesting and the happy hour prices are too good to pass up. The next thing you know, you need to get home. You assess your condition, decide you feel fine, get behind the wheel, and start the short ten-minute drive home.

Two hours later, you sit looking at the DUI paperwork in your hand and wondering how this could have happened. Was this nightmare avoidable?

Everyone says the same thing, “Don’t drink and drive.” And while this is the obvious solution, there are other ways to protect yourself from this serious Georgia traffic offense.


How to Avoid a Georgia DUI Conviction

  • Plan Ahead. Get a designated driver or cab lined up in advance.  A cab is cheap compared to the serious consequences of a Georgia DUI.
  • Be Prepared. Make sure all the equipment on your car is in good repair before you drive. Chew gum or breath mints. You can even buy your own breathalyzer machine and keep it in your car to help you make the right decision.
  • Be Cool, Calm and Collected. Easy to say, but if you are pulled over and suspected of DUI, you should say as little as possible, respond politely to questions, stay in your car unless asked to get out, and have your documents ready to hand over calmly.
  • Know Your Rights. Refuse all voluntary field sobriety tests. Do not admit that you have been drinking—even if it was just a small amount. If you are asked to get out of the car, politely ask to have a lawyer present. You will have to agree to official testing, but you can continue to ask for a lawyer. You should also request an independent sobriety test—often conducted at a local hospital. You will have to pay for this additional test and will still have to take a breath test at the police station.
  • Document as Much as You Can. If you are arrested, you should take the time to write down all the details of your day and your arrest. No detail is too small and you don’t know what might help your case.
  • Find an Experienced, Reputable, Alpharetta DUI Lawyer. At the Law Office of Scott Miller, you will find a team ready to start immediately on your defense. We will investigate every aspect of your case and sort out the details needed to get you the best possible outcome.


Call Scott Miller today at 770-408-1001 if you have been charged with a Georgia DUI. Scott’s experience as an Alpharetta DUI attorney can protect your rights and your freedom.

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