If Stopped by a Police Officer

• When an officer signals you to pull over, slow

down. Look for the first opportunity to pull off

safely on the right side of road.

• Stay inside your car and roll down the window.

• Step outside only if asked to do so by the officer.

He or she may check to see if you are under influence

of drugs or alcohol.

• If the officer thinks you are under the influence of alcohol,

he or she may require that you step out of your

car. You may then be asked to perform field sobriety

tests, including walking a line, touching your nose, and

saying the alphabet. These tests are 100 percent voluntary.

You may refuse to submit to them.

• Provide the officer with your license and proof of

insurance when asked.

• Provide the officer with any reason for violating a traffic

code after the officer explains why you were pulled


• Always be polite. Officers have some discretion in issuing


• The officer may take your license and issue you a temporary

license to ensure that you appear in court.

The citation should indicate when and where your

court appearance will be.

• Never try to flee when an officer attempts to pull you

over. Doing so will increase penalties against you, including

the possibility of license suspension. It may also

result in your being charged with the crime of evading

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