Every year you are required to renew your vehicle registration in the State of Georgia. You will be notified by the Georgia Department of Drive Services (DDS) that it is time to renew your registration. This will happen well in advance of your tags expiring. You have the option of paying for new tags either by mail, in person, or in some Georgia counties using the DDS’s online services.

Where to Send Your Registration in Georgia

If you choose to pay by mail you will need to send the following:

  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Registration renewal or completed tag/title application
  • Check or money order made payable: Office of the Tax Commissioner
  • Proof of passing emissions inspection, if necessary

After you have gathered all of this information, you may send your packet to:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division

Special Tags Unit

PO Box 740381

Atlanta, GA  30374-0381


How to Register in Person

Find your local DDS office near you. Then bring with you your registration renewal form, proof that you have passed a recent emission inspection, cash, check, credit, or a debit card to pay the fees associated with renewing your registration. Make sure you bring all of these things with you.

How to Register Online In Georgia

After you have been sent your notification in the mail you can go online to the Georgia Department of Driver Services online services website. Have your credit card or debit car on hand to pay the appropriate fees. You can also request an electronic withdrawal from your checking account if you so choose.

Need to Know Additional Information

  • It can take up to 15 days for your new registration card and decals to arrive in the mail.
  • Make sure you update information like a change of address on your registration form.

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