You have been charged with a DUI in Georgia and even have possibly paid fines, lost your license, or gone to jail. No matter what the outcome of your situation, however, sooner or later you are going to ask a very important question:

What happens to my car insurance?

Let us begin by saying that the answer is never clear and almost always upsetting. While insurance companies all have different policies on this matter, you will most certainly suffer some kind of rate increase under the right circumstances. 

According to a July 2012 report by Smart Money, 10% of all drivers receive tickets each year. The authors say the heftiest increase in insurance rates is due to reckless driving, at an average premium boost of 22%. A first offense for DUI comes in second with an average 19% increase in your insurance costs, and this increase can continue for up to seven years, adding up to thousand of dollars.

How to deal with the insurance costs of a north Georgia DUI:

Add an insurance increase to the many other fees and penalties you have endured, and a DUI can be costly, indeed. However, there are things you can do to help you beat the odds. These include:

  • Fight the Charges. The first thing to do if charged with a DUI is to contact an attorney with experience in Georgia DUI cases. You could actually end up saving money if you are successful in getting your case dismissed or penalties reduced, even with the extra costs of legal help.
  • Go for Alternate Pleas. Usually a judge will have the power to reduce the penalties against you under a different plea. Your attorney can advise you on this possibility.
  • Consider Looking for a New Policy. Different insurance companies have different surcharge rates. You might be able to find a company that charges less in these rates for DUI infractions.
  • Keep Your Driving Record Clean. Once you have dealt with the repercussions of the DUI, you must be sure not to get another ticket for any violation. If you do, your insurer will most certainly jack up the rates, perhaps to a level you cannot afford to pay.
  • Take a Georgia Driver Education Course. Keep in mind that your insurance company determines rate increases due to traffic violations on the Georgia point system. Sometimes, taking a class can reduce the number of points on your license.

In general, a DUI is a very serious Georgia traffic offense. Your entire future may be threatened by the outcome of the charges; a conviction can be life changing. Hire a north Georgia DUI defense attorney to help you fight. 

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