Being convicted of a north Georgia DUI (Driving Under the Influence) can affect just about every aspect of your life. And one devastating result is the tremendous impact this conviction can have on your insurance rates. While you might not think it, this rate hike could have the same result on your driving privileges as an actual license suspension if you can’t afford to pay.

As with most major traffic violations, a DUI offense will be reported to your insurance company. And when that happens, some experts estimate that your insurance rates will increase from 20% to 60%, assuming you are able to get permission to drive from the state and assuming your company does not let you go.

When you are convicted of a DUI, the following scenarios may happen:

  • Your insurance company cancels your policy. Of all results, this is probably the most common reaction to a DUI. Suddenly, you find yourself scrambling to find someone who will insure you, and when you do, the money will pour from your wallet.
  • Your insurance company will keep you but put you in the category of “high risk” drivers. When you enter this category, you will most likely have less coverage and much higher premiums.
  • You may be required by the court to submit an SR-22 document. An SR-22 shows that you have the financial means to insure yourself following a DUI. You will most likely have to maintain this status for an average of three years.
  • Your DUI record will never completely “disappear.” Even though Georgia DDS (Department of Driver Services) will eventually stop reporting your DUI to the insurance company, it remains a permanent part of your driving record.

Is there any protection for you from the insurance costs of a DUI?

As an Alpharetta DUI law firm, we know of only two ways to protect you from insurance problems following a DUI conviction:

  1. Quit driving. If you don’t drive, you don’t need insurance, but this option is nearly impossible in today’s fast-paced life.
  2. Hire an experienced north Georgia DUI attorney to represent you. At the Law Office of Scott Miller in Alpharetta, we specialize in cases like yours. With some hard work and aggressive representation, it is possible to, for instance, get the case dismissed, plead to a lesser charge, or even convince the court that you will do whatever is necessary to get one more chance. 

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