You are driving along, alert and focused, when a light in the upcoming intersection turns yellow. You continue on, then hear sirens and see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, or later get a ticket in the mail. You are now charged with running a red light in Georgia. What does this mean, and is there any defense for you?

As an Alpharetta traffic violation defense attorney, Scott Miller has handled many cases like yours and believes that the more knowledge you have, the better your chances of beating the charge.

So, here are some of the basics for red light running charges in Georgia.

Just the Facts, Ma’am: Georgia Red Light Laws

Georgia law concerning red light running is very clear, but many of us do not know exactly what constitutes an infraction. If you enter an intersection after the light is yellow, but before it turns red, are you legal? Let’s take a look at Georgia Code 40-6-24, which states that:

When lane direction control signals are placed over the individual lanes of a street or road, vehicular traffic may travel in any lane over which a green signal is shown, but shall not enter or travel in any lane over which a red signal is shown, provided that a vehicle may enter a lane over which a yellow or amber signal is shown for purposes of making a left turn only.

What’s that? Plain and simple: if you are not making a left turn, you are running a red if you drive into an intersection when the light is yellow and turns to red. 

And if there are no police there to see you do it, there may be a camera, which became legal throughout Georgia in August 2010. A red light camera ticket will cost you a maximum of $70, and you will get no points on your license or have problems with insurance rates.

However, if you ran a red light and were pulled over and ticketed, or even caused an accident, things could change in a hurry. You could then be facing a $1,000 fine, three points on your license, and additional charges if there was property damage and/or injury. 

What to Do?

If you are ticketed for running a red light in Georgia and have questions about the fairness of the ticket, you should contact the Law Office of Scott Miller. We have the answers and can provide you with your legal options. Based in Alpharetta, we serve clients throughout north Georgia. Call us today at 770-408-1001 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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