When charged with a north Georgia traffic violation, taking a state-approved “driver improvement” (also called a “defensive driving”) course could be one of your best options. 

Depending on your situation, you could wind up in traffic school because:

  • The court ordered it. If a judge decides you must take the course, then you have no choice in the matter and must complete it.
  • You want to reduce the points added to your driver’s license as a result of the violation. According to Georgia Code 40-5-86, “the total number of points accumulated by any driver shall be reduced by seven points, but to not less than zero points, upon satisfactory completion by such driver of an approved defensive driving course and the submission of a certificate by such driver to the department.” You are only allowed to do this once every five years.
  • You need to get your license reinstated after a suspension. If you have the legal option, you can use the same course results to both reduce your points and reinstate your license. You should inform the DDS that you are doing both when you turn in your Certificate of Completion.
  • You want to keep your insurance rates from going up, or reduce them. Depending on your circumstances, you can usually find favor with insurance companies when you take a DDS-approved course. 
  • You simply want to get some education. You can also take the driver improvement course to educate yourself about Georgia traffic laws and violations. 

For whatever reason you take the Georgia driver improvement course, here is some information that may help you better understand what to expect:

  • The course is classroom only; there is no behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • You will be taking the Driver Improvement course, designed for any age. The Driver’s Education course is only for 16-year-olds who are applying for a Class D license. 
  • The cost of the course is $75 for license reinstatement and/or points reduction.
  • You must attend the course. Attendance guidelines are very strict.
  • If you are late to a class, the instructor has the right to turn you away, and you may be required to start the process over again.
  • All Georgia Driver Improvement courses are independently owned and certified with the state.

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