In Georgia you are required to buy insurance for your car. Not only are you required to purchase this insurance, but you are also required to carry proof that you have insurance with you in your car at all times. Driving without proof of insurance in Georgia is a criminal offense.

Driving a motor vehicle is an inherently risky activity. The state government has decided that every driver must be able to provide adequate compensation to injured parties if the driver causes a traffic accident. Requiring all drivers to carry an appropriate amount of insurance is a reasonable way to ensure that drivers meet this obligating. Requiring drivers to have proof of their insurance with them helps enforce this duty.

No proof of insurance? You will be charged with a Georgia traffic misdemeanor

If you are pulled over and the police officer asks you for proof of insurance—and she most likely will, because it is a standard request when you are pulled over—you need to have that information on you to give to the police officer. Not doing so if a misdemeanor criminal offence. Under Title 40 of the Georgia Code, failing to provide proof of insurance is punishable by a fine for $1,000 and up to a year in prison. If you are convicted of driving without proof of insurance, your license would also automatically be suspended.

There are ways to fight this kind of offense. If you have purchased insurance but were not carrying proof with you when you were driving, you may be able to persuade the local court or prosecutor to drop charges in your case. A skilled and experienced Georgia traffic violation lawyer can negotiate on your behalf or help you fight your case.

Losing your license, paying a large fine, and doing jail time seems too heavy a price just because you didn’t have your insurance card on you when you were pulled over. Let an Alpharetta criminal defense attorney help you get the best outcome possible.

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