In Georgia, when you violate the traffic laws you will be issued a traffic ticket or citation. When you are given a ticket, you need to either pay the amount of the fine, or you can go to court to fight your citation.

Choosing to ignore a ticket is not a viable option. Georgia will issue a warrant for your arrest and your risk your license being suspended. Deciding to pay a ticket means you are pleading guilty to the violation. This could result in the accumulation of points on your license and higher insurance rates.

How to Pay the Ticket

In Georgia, you have two options to pay your ticket. Look at the back of your ticket for instructions on how to pay your citations. Some counties in Georgia allow you to pay your ticket online. This is an easier way and you should check to see it it’s an option in the county where you were issued a ticket. The other option is to pay your ticket in person. Go to the local courthouse for the county where your ticket was issued, and bring the citation with you; you can pay with a credit card, money order, or check.

Fighting the Ticket

If you think you are innocent, you can fight the charges and plead not guilty. Read the back of your ticket for instructions on how to plead not guilty. Hiring a skilled Alpharetta traffic violation attorney is a good idea, especially if you have already accumulated points on your license

An experienced attorney can help you get your case dismissed. For a guilty verdict, there needs to be clear, accurate, and convincing evidence that you are guilty of the violation you’re being charged with. If a ticket is vague or incorrect, then the ticket may get dismissed. An experienced attorney can help you understand what gets your violations dismissed.

If you or someone you know has been issued an undeserved ticket, you should hire an attorney to see that justice is served. Contact the Law Offices of Scott Miller today at 770-408-1001. Attorney Scott Miller is an experienced Georgia criminal defense lawyer who knows traffic law and can work to get the best possible outcome for your Fulton County traffic violation case.

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