Operating a vehicle with expired Georgia registration tags can dump a heavy load of punishment down upon you. From paying fines to having your vehicle impounded, there is no up side to an expired tag conviction.

If you have been arrested for this Georgia traffic law violation, you need to understand exactly what the law says and what to do if you are ticketed. An Alpharetta traffic violation attorney answers some questions you may have.


What are the Georgia requirements for vehicle registration?

According to Georgia law:

  • All owners of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers and tractors, must register their vehicles and renew the registration every year. Exceptions include vehicles used only for farming, trailers with no springs used to haul farm products or fertilizers, motorized carts, and mopeds.
  • All purchasers or transferees of used motor vehicles must obtain a registration transfer for the vehicle.
  • New Georgia residents have 30 days to register their vehicles.
  • A valid county decal must be displayed on the license plate.
  • Dealers of new vehicles are required to provide a valid registration for each car sold.


What are the punishments for driving with expired tags or no tags?

If you are convicted of driving with an expired tag, it is a misdemeanor on your permanent record. While fines vary depending on the county, listed below is a sample of the fines in Fulton County, which are typical statewide:

  • Expired tag (59 days or less) – $125
  • Expired tag (60 days or more) – $135
  • Improper display of tag – $135
  • Improper registration (failure to obtain Georgia tag) – $135
  • No county decal (first offense) – $30
  • No county decal (second offense) – $135
  • No tag – $135


Statewide, if you drive a motor vehicle with a registration that is suspended, canceled or revoked, the penalties are much stiffer for a conviction. They include:

  • A permanent misdemeanor on your record
  • Jail time up to 12 months
  • A fine of $500 - $1,000


A second or subsequent conviction within five years raises the stakes with:

  • A “high and aggravated misdemeanor” on your permanent record
  • Mandatory jail time up to 12 months
  • A fine of up to $2,500


In addition, your car can be impounded and you will have to pay the impound and towing fees.


What can you do about a ticket you received for an expired registration tag?

As you can see, driving with expired tags can become very expensive. If you need help with a ticket you have received for this Georgia traffic violation, contact an Alpharetta traffic violation lawyer at the Law Office of Scott Miller and let us answer your questions. Call today at 770-408-1001 or fill out the free consultation form on this page.

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