If you are a licensed driver, chances are you’ve driven past an accident or emergency scene. A lot of people have the tendency to want to get a closer look to see what happened. Unfortunately, when drivers stop paying attention to the road, they can drive too close to an emergency scene. Police officers, emergency technicians, and highway construction and transportation workers get injured or killed in a traffic accident. So, lawmakers have passed Georgia’s Move-Over Law.

Georgia’s Move-Over Law requires drivers to shift over one lane whenever possible when they see emergency lights flashing on the side of the road. The logic behind the law is that if vehicles move over one lane, traffic is not as close to the workers and fewer people die on the scene of an accident. If you are unable to move over a lane, then you are required to slow down below the posted speed limit and should be prepared to stop if required to do so. Again, the reasoning is that if you are driving more slowly, there is a lesser chance of an emergency scene worker dying from an accident.

If you do not follow the move-over law, then you are looking at a $500 fine and possibly other consequences that are decided by the court on a case-by-case basis. Failure to follow the move-over law is a traffic violation in Georgia, and can result in points on your license—and that leads to increases in your insurance costs and the risk of losing your license.

If you have been charged with not following Georgia’s Move-Over Laws in Alpharetta, then you should hire a traffic defense lawyer in Fulton County. Scott Miller is an experienced traffic violation attorney in Georgia who can help you with your case. Scott Miller knows the laws of Georgia and also knows that you shouldn’t have to pay higher insurance costs because you made a mistake.

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