In Georgia more men than women are arrested for drunk drivers. However, women are steadily accounting for more of the total DUI arrests.

In 1979 nearly 10% of all DUI arrests were women. In 2003, 17% of the total DUI arrests in Georgia were women. What is most interesting about this statistic is that it might not be because women have started driving drunk more frequently, but because DUI breathalyzers are presumably biased against women.

Research studies have shown women metabolize alcohol in a different manner then man. So why does this matter? Breathalyzers are calibrated to the way that men’s bodies metabolize alcohol. This means that women using breathalyzers in Georgia may be getting false readings. 

Courts rely heavily on breathalyzer tests, even though they are statistically inaccurate. Prosecutors turn to the breathalyzer results frequently to try to prove that a driver was over the legal BAC level. So a false reading could be detrimental in your case. This is especially important for women defendants in a DUI case. 

If the breathalyzer gave a false reading of .08 BAC, or higher, then the woman could be charged for a DUI when she actually broke no laws. This is a phenomenon that not all lawyers are aware of.  If you are a female driver in Georgia who has been charged with a DUI you need to know your rights.

If you are a female driver and have been arrested for a DUI in Fulton County you should contact the Law Office of Scott Miller for legal guidance. Scott Miller is an experienced defense attorney in Alpharetta who knows that laws can be biased against women. When trying to fight a DUI case you need all the help you can get. Call the Law Office of Scott Miller today at 770-408-1001 to schedule a free consultation.  Don’t let an inaccurate reading on a machine ruin your life.

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