If you have been ticketed for following too closely in Georgia, you are faced with some potentially serious consequences: a mark on your driving record, three points on your license, an expensive ticket, and, possibly, higher car insurance payments. These punishments may be particularly painful to accept if you don’t believe that you were tailgating at the time you were pulled over.

What do you need to know about tailgating and following too close?

It is more difficult to prove that a driver was tailgating than it is to prove more concrete violations, such as DUI or speeding. However, if you were involved in a rear-end accident or if there were witnesses to your driving, there may be strong evidence that you were indeed following too closely.

What exactly does following too closely entail?

Following too closely” means that you are not allowing a reasonable amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. While this amount is generally considered to be the length of a vehicle towing another vehicle, the reasonable space between vehicles depends on the speed limit, traffic conditions, and road conditions.Are there any good excuses for following too closely?

Your case might be helped if the vehicle in front of you stopped suddenly or if they didn’t have working brake lights when you rear-ended them. Or, perhaps, the car in front of you was traveling dangerously below the speed limit.

Will this tailgating violation stay on my record?

If you pay the ticket, the tailgating violation will be on your driving record. If you are found guilty in court, it will also remain on your record. However, if you argue your case successfully in court or if you agree to a deal (for example, you will attend driving school), the infraction may not remain on your record.

Should I fight my following-too-closely ticket in Georgia?

Every case is different and depends on the evidence at hand and the circumstances surrounding the tailgating violation. To learn more about your legal options, and whether or not you should go to court to fight your tailgating offense, speak with an Atlanta traffic violation attorney about your case. Call the Law Offices of Scott Miller today: 770-408-1001.

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