Posted on Aug 12, 2013

The starting place kicker for the University of Georgia’s football team was arrested and charged with boating under the influence – a legal issue that could put his future as a college athlete and his team’s success into jeopardy.

According to the Eatonton Messenger and CBS Sports, college football player Marshall Taylor Morgan was arrested on Saturday, June 29, 2013, for boating while intoxicated on Lake Sinclair. The 19-year-old sophomore was allegedly towing two tubers with a jet ski when Georgia Department of Natural Resources rangers saw the man violating a boating law – towing tubers without an observer. When an official stopped Morgan, he suspected that the college student was boating under the influence and conducted a field sobriety test.

Under a new Georgia law, boaters under the age of 21 may not have a blood alcohol level above 0.02. Morgan admitted that he had been drinking and was cooperative with authorities.

At this time, it is unclear what ramifications the charge and arrest will have on the sophomore or on the Georgia football team. There are mandatory consequences when players are charged with a DUI, but it is not immediately apparent if the same rules apply to BUI. The issue is currently under review. Morgan played in all Bulldog games last season as a true freshman.

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