Attorney Miller got my Dunwoody shoplifting charge dismissed.

I highly recommend Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller, he gave me my life back.. 

I was arrested for shoplifting at Perimeter Mall and he got my charge dismissed.

Attorney Scott Miller had me repay the merchant for the amount of merchandise I took.
He arranged for me to attend an anti-shoplifting school.  
He had me write a 1000 word essay on the harm done by shoplifting, and he had me perform many hours of community service. 

When I appeared in court with attorney Miller, I had already completed all the requirements the court usually requires. 

Attorney Miller was very professional and make me feel that he was in charge rather than the court being in charge of my future.
For this I am very grateful!

My case was dismissed after I paid a fine and Attorney Miller submitted the paperwork proving that I had already finished all the court requirements. 

This was my first attempt at shoplifting and I am positive it will be my last!

Thank you attorney Miller, you saved my life!
I am so grateful for what you did for me!
Anonymous: Dunwoody

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