Attorney Scott Miller got my hit and run charge dismissed

I am very pleased with the work attorney Scott Miller did for me. He got my hit and run charge dismissed.

I was driving through an intersection in Alpharetta when I collided with another car. The accident only caused a small scratch on my bumper. 

when I stopped my car and pulled into a shopping center, I could not find the other driver. 

I assumed the other driver had simply driven away. 

After seeing the small amount of damage to my car, I simply drove home.

The following day, I was contacted by an Alpharetta police detective and was asked to come to the office to speak with him. 

I was surprised to find out that I had been charged with hit-and-run. 

It was not my intention to leave the scene of the accident, and I did stop and look for the other car.

I met with attorney Scott Miller, and I was convinced that he would help me.  And help me he did, he got the charge dismissed!

Thank you attorney Scott Miller for getting this unfortunate issue resolved for my benefit.

Advit: Alpharetta, GA.  Advit: Alpharetta, GA.

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