818/16 three more school zone clients today
This is the first and some counties the second week of the new school year, and
I have never received so many calls from potential clients wanting help with school zone or school bus traffic tickets.
I am unsure whether it is the school year opening so early this year, or the increased patrolling in school zone areas by law enforcement, or just the increase in population in the Atlanta Metro area that is causing the plethora of calls. 

Whatever the cause, my phone is ringing constantly with school zone potential clients.

I urge you to always drive with caution, but use extra caution, in areas were schools are located.

All driver should be aware that, speed limits are reduced significantly during the school year in schools areas
Also all driver should be aware, there are many school buses on the roads now, and failure to stop for a school bus that is loading or unloading students, can result in a traffic ticket being issued to the driver.

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