All of us have experienced driving in a heavy rain downpour.

Even if we are driving at a safe speed, some other vehicles seem to fly by without regard for the rain, or the visibility, or the road conditions.

When driving fast in the rain, even if you are doing the speed limit, you can be stopped by law-enforcement, and ticketed for driving too fast for conditions.

Most assuredly, if your car slides off the road, when the police arrive, you will be ticketed for driving too fast for conditions.

Slow down when it rains, drive safely, and keep your eyes focused on the car ahead.

This plea for safe driving comes to you from the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

If you have been ticketed for driving too fast for conditions, or for any other traffic ticket matter, you may contact attorney Scott Miller at 770-408-1001, for a free consultation.
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