I drove a borrowed car and the tag was expired. I didn't know the tag was expired. Am I responsible for the ticket?

I frequently hear something like this, from a person who borrowed a friend or family member's car and was stopped for expired tag. The driver of the car was not aware that the tag was expired. The driver is issued a ticket for operating a vehicle with an expired registration.

In the state of Georgia, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for making sure that the vehicle they are driving has a proper up to date registration.
If you are stopped driving a borrowed car that does not have a current tag registration, you will be issued a ticket for driving without proper registration.

It is always the driver's responsibility to make sure that the registration and vehicle liability insurance is up-to-date. If you are using a car whether it is yours or someone else's, if the registration and insurance are not up-to-date you may be ticketed for a registration or insurance violation.

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