Suspension of Georgia drivers license for persons under 21 years of age.
During the period when Georgia's drivers are under the age of 21, the State of Georgia, will suspend a drivers permit for a conviction more quickly then if the driver was 21 years of age or older.

The state of Georgia, will suspend the drivers license of anyone under 21 years of age who is convicted of, an offense which carries with it four or more points added to the driver's record.

These offenses are:
(1) Reckless driving
(2) Racing
(3) Use of a motor vehicle to allude a law-enforcement officer
(4) Hit and run
(5) Purchasing alcoholic beverages or use of control substances

After the first suspension for an under age driver for the above, the licensee may be eligible to apply for license reinstatement in 6 months.
After the second suspension, the driver may be eligible for reinstatement after a period of 12 months.
After a third suspension the driver will be considered a habitual violator and his license will be revoked.

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