Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller explains "HAWK" High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk traffic signals.

Hi-Intensity Activated Crosswalk signals, "HAWK" signals are intended to help pedestrians across busy streets.

If a pedestrian encounters a "HAWK" crossing signal that is dark, the pedestrian must activate it by pushing a button.

When the "HAWK" yellow, flashing light is noted, this indicates that the signal has been activated. The pedestrian should wait for the signal to turn red before proceeding across the intersection.
When the HAWK, flashing yellow signal turns solid yellow, this instructs the motorist to reduce their speed and begin to stop.
When the "HAWK" signal turns solid red, this indicates that vehicle traffic should come to a stop and allow pedestrians to cross.
When a "HAWK" signal displays flashing red lights, this indicates that the signal will turn dark until activated by another pedestrian.

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