Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller reviews single lane roundabouts.

Roundabouts have been used in Europe for many years, however roundabouts in the US are a fairly new idea. People who are new to roundabouts can find them very challenging, however after navigating them for a short time, people realize they are very helpful in moving traffic along without stopping.
If you are approaching a roundabout you should slow your speed and plan to stop for any pedestrians noted in the crosswalk, or any vehicles ahead of you in the roundabout. Pedestrians have the right of way as do the other vehicles already in the roundabout. You must proceed in a circular counterclockwise direction until you reach the exit that you need. You must signal your intentions, and then exit the roundabout.

Pedestrians may navigate the roundabout at walkways that are located before and after the vehicle exits.
Pedestrians should never cross a roundabout center island, or walk through the roundabout. Doing so would create a very dangerous situation for the pedestrian and a driver who might swerve to avoid a collision with a pedestrian.
Bicycles are permitted in the roadway of a roundabout. The  bicyclist should position him or herself in middle of the lane in the roundabout. Bicyclist also must stop for pedestrians in a roundabout crosswalk.

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