Beware of fake IRS calls!
I am aware of two people today, who received telephone calls from someone posing as an IRS agent. Messages were left on their answering machines.
The fake phone call stated that the individual contacted owed back taxes and that a warrant was being issued for their arrest.
A fake telephone number was given to both individuals to call, to stop the fake arrest warrant.
Of course, the person on the other end of the line pretending to be an IRS agent, asked for money  to be forwarded in the form of money orders to a certain address.
By sending the money, my client was told that these supposed arrest warrants would go away.

Fortunately, my clients called me before sending any money to these criminals.

Internet searches about these scams, explain this story almost in every detail.

Don't be fooled by these criminals, who are trying to steal your money.
Do not send them any money!
Always call your attorney for advice in these matters.

This information about the criminal activity that takes place on the telephone and the Internet, is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia criminal defense attorney Scott Miller.

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