Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller reviews Georgia traffic signs.
Traffic signs in Georgia or differentiated by different shapes and colors. The traffic control signs have 7 different shapes 4 different colors.
(1) An octagonal red sign means you must stop your vehicle.
(2) Horizontal rectangular signs, green in color are used to show locations and directions.
(3) Diamond shaped signs yellow in color, warn motorists about hazards on the roadway or areas adjacent to the roadway.
(4) A round yellow sign means you are approaching a railroad crossing. These signs are posted at least 100 feet in front of the railroad tracks.
(5) Triangle red signs are yield signs. These yield signs inform you that you must slow down and yield to oncoming traffic.
(6) A Pentagon shaped signs, in yellow informs you that you are approaching a school zone or a school crossing. They are posted at least 150 feet on more before the school.  Be especially vigilant when you see these signs. Look for young children and be prepared to stop your vehicle.

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