Always fight your speeding tickets, call attorney Scott Miller

Speeding tickets in Atlanta are expensive, always fight them. 

 The frustration you feel when you are stopped by law-enforcement and given a speeding ticket is just the beginning.

The fine for speeding tickets can be several hundred dollars, and their may be additional court costs involved. 

If you are found guilty in court, a certain number of points will be added to your Georgia department of driver’s record.

When your insurance company becomes aware of this, it may increase your insurance premium. 

The best advice is don’t speed.  In Metro Atlanta however, almost everyone on the road may be driving over the speed limit. 

Paying a speeding ticket is pleading guilty and points will be added to your driving record. 

Fighting your ticket is always the best option. 

In most instances, I can convince the court to reduce your speed so that your ticket will be a non-reporting issue. 

Alpharetta speeding ticket defense attorney Scott Miller is available for free telephone consultation at 770-408-1001.
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