Attorney Scott Miller reviews, driving in a work zone.
A work zone is a designated area on a roadway, where workers can be reasonably safe from passing vehicles, while reforming their tasks. Work zones throughout the country, are well marked with warning signs.  They indicate that, you are approaching a work zone ahead.  Specific speed limits are sent in the work zone to reduce the speed of traffic for workers safety.
When work zone speed limits are violated, traffic fines are always more expensive.  In some states the traffic fine is double. In the state of Georgia traffic fines can increase between $100 and $2000, with a possible additional 12 months in jail.

When approaching a work zone, always slow down to the posted work zone speed limit. The slower speed of your vehicle protects the road workers from a possible accident
 Because there is limited space to maneuver your vehicle in a work zone, the slower speeds protect a driver as well as the workers from possible crashes.

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